Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Manufacturer with Great Potential: Aptonomy at ISC West 2016

This is something that caught our attention - a start-up developing purpose-built CCTV drone.

Here is the more information from the company:

Drone surveillance system for alarm verification and deterrence

A hands-free, all-weather, self-charging camera drone is installed on your outdoor property alongside fixed cameras and perimeter sensors. If an alarm is triggered, the drone dispatches to deliver immediate video verification of the situation. The drone is
also equipped with floodlights and speakers to deter detected intruders. The drone is smart and fully autonomous; it is able to fly directly to the target and avoid obstacles without user intervention. Use a team of drones for maximum impact.

We did have a chance to watch a demo flight, and it did look impressive. We suggest that our integrators check them out at ISC West. If you would like to get a private demo, please contact me at and I will connect you to Aptonomy


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