Thursday, December 4, 2014

New ACTi Price-list

Below the is overview of changes in new ACTi price-list:

1. New Products    
Available in 2014 Q4    
Ordering Number Availability Schedule MSRP
E213 2014 Dec. 699
E214 2014 Dec. 878
E215 2014 Dec. 689
E223 2014 Dec. 594
E32A Now 424
E33A Now 498
E413 2014 Dec. 882
E414 2014 Dec. 1,061
E46A Now 756
E48 2014 Nov. 1,019
E72A Now 481
E81A Now 518
V31 2014 Dec. 1,197
V32 2014 Oct. 1,895
MNR-310 2014 Dec. 8,399
PDCX-1104 Now 27
PLEN-0108 Now 23
PLEN-0129 Now 19
PPOE-4000 Now 113
SMAX-0241 Now 92
SMAX-0242 Now 130
SMAX-0243 Now 42


2. Price Change    

Due to pricing structure change, all product prices in Q4 are slightly adjusted


3. TBEOL (To be EOL) Products    
Clearance Ends in 2014 Q4    
Ordering Number Replacement Clearance Ends
E31 E31A 12/29/2014
E67 E67A 12/29/2014
E85 E85A 12/30/2014
PMAX-1102 NA 12/11/2014


4.  Schedule Change Products
Unlisted in 2014 Q4 Price List
Ordering Number Availability Schedule
B910 2015 Jan.
E217 2015 Mar.
E222 2015 Mar.
E38 2015 Feb.
E616 2015 Jan.
E618 2015 Jan.
E620 2015 Mar.
E621 2015 Jan.
E78 2015 Mar.
E819 2015 Mar.
E910 2015 Feb.
E924 2015 Jan.
E925 2015 Jan.
E926 2015 Jan.
E927 2015 Jan.
E928 2015 Jan.
E929 2015 Jan.
E931 2015 Aug.
I27 2015 Apr.
I47 2015 Mar.
I52 2015 Jan.
I53 2015 Mar.
I72 2015 Aug.
I73 2015 Jan.


5. EOL (End of Life)

Products Unlisted in 2014 Q4 Price List

Ordering Number Replacement
ACD-3100 ECD-1000
APP-2000 LNVR3001
D65 D65A
D72 D72A
D81 D81A
E22V E22VA
E63 E63A
E66 E66A
E86 E86A
ENR-1100 ENR-120
ENR-1200 ENR-130
ENR-2000 ENR-140
PACX-0003 NA
PDCX-0001 NA
PDCX-0103 NA
PLEN-0205 NA
PMAX-0308 PMAX-0314
PMAX-1001 NA
PMAX-1002 NA
R306-00004-000 NA
R306-00008-000 NA
R306-00014-000 NA

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