Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LuxRiot – Our First Partner


LuxRiot, a Video Management Software (VMS), developed by New York-based A&H Software House, was the first VMS provider we signed up to distribute. Today, 9 years and thousands of NVR copies later, we couldn’t be more prouder of what we have achieved together, and we are looking forward for many more years of continued co-operation:

Here is what LuxRiot has been always famous for:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive list of supported IP cameras and video encoders, and several video capture boards to choose from LR1
  • Simple and efficient licensing model: only 5 SKUs (editions) – 1, 4, 9, 16 and unlimited number of video channels
  • Aggressive pricing with no price increases since the lunch of the product; no maintenance fees

Please check LuxRiot’s website for a full list of features

LuxRiot Version 2, which was released late last year, and subsequently improved, added many new features including:

  • Multi-channel archive playback
  • iOS and Android support via Broadcast Server androidiOs2
  • Support for new generation of video capture boards, featuring H.264 hardware compression, hardware-based motion detection and even HD-SDI
  • Improved synchronization for video/audio recording

Separately, LuxRiot offers License Plate Recognition (LPR) software which is one of the most cost-efficient LPR options on the market

Please visit our LuxRiot section or request full LuxRiot price-list here