Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New VMS/Video Analytics Partner: Aimetis

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our selection of our video management software packages – Aimetis

Based in Waterloo, ON, Aimetis is unique in their approach to integrating traditional VMS with server-side video analytics.

Following is the brief description of Aimetis products:

  • Aimetis Symphony is a core VMS software, offering a robust set of IP Video features; it also servers as a platform for company’s intelligent add-ons
  • VE Series Video Analytics package is a proactive tool designed to work seamlessly with traditional DVR features. This product is what distinguishes Aimetis from the competition
  • People Counter works on Axis Camera Application platform and doesn’t require any additional hardware
  • E3200 Physical Security Appliance – an option by order Aimetis pre-installed by the manufacturer

Click here to request our full Aimetis price-list or contact your sales rep

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