Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Price-lists

The New Year has brought a spike in manufacturers’ activity. Many of them introduced new products, others reduced prices, some did both. We also have several new manufactures recently added to our line-card

Here is the summary of new price-lists:

  Manufacturer Notes Price-list
ACTi Several new models Request
Aimetis New Vendor -  Read More Request
Arecont Vision Many updates – read more Request
AVER New hybrid DVRs and more Request
Axis Multiple new products Request
GeoVision Some of the most affordable megapixel cameras Request
IQinVision New IQ76X cameras and more Request
Merit Li-Lin Unique megapixel ONVIF bullets w/ very strong IR and more Request
Vivotek New models, dealer prices on most products are reduced Request

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New VMS/Video Analytics Partner: Aimetis

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our selection of our video management software packages – Aimetis

Based in Waterloo, ON, Aimetis is unique in their approach to integrating traditional VMS with server-side video analytics.

Following is the brief description of Aimetis products:

  • Aimetis Symphony is a core VMS software, offering a robust set of IP Video features; it also servers as a platform for company’s intelligent add-ons
  • VE Series Video Analytics package is a proactive tool designed to work seamlessly with traditional DVR features. This product is what distinguishes Aimetis from the competition
  • People Counter works on Axis Camera Application platform and doesn’t require any additional hardware
  • E3200 Physical Security Appliance – an option by order Aimetis pre-installed by the manufacturer

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Arecont Vision: New Models, Convenient Packages and Price-reductions

Logo 10 percen

All-new Arecont Vision price list is out, and following is the list of updates: 

1) Reduced pricing on Compact JPEG Cameras (AVXX10 only)

2) New Low Cost D4F/D4S configurations with fixed 4mm lens

3) Introduction of D4SO outdoor series

4) Introduction of indoor D4S wall and pendant mount accessories (available 2-1-12)

5) Reduced pricing on Original Mega Dome solutions

6) Introduction of MegaDome2 series (available 3-1-12)

7) Introduction of MD-CAP MegaDome Cap

8) Introduction of SV-EBA and SV-JBA, electrical and junction box adapters (available 2-1-12)

9) Introduction of 8MP and 20MP “color only” models

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