Friday, December 9, 2011

Year-end Clearance

ClearanceBelieve it or not, it’s this time of the year again, when we clear our shelves of overstock items to make some space for new arrivals.

The following items are now on sale:


 ACTi   Arecont  Vision   AVER   Vivotek   Sanyo 
 ACM-3601   AV3155DN  NEH1004HN  IP7138  VCC-HD2100
 TCM-5611   AV8185DN-HB  NVDNV5000  IP7132  VCC-HD2500
 TCM-3401   AV20185DN  NV6240EX8  IP7151  VCC-HD3300
 KCM-5211   AV20185DN-HB  NEH1008HN  IP8132  VA-85BX
 KCM-7111    NVDNV3000  IP8133   
 KCM-7211    NV6480EXP  VS8401   

Discount pricing is valid while supplies last.

Please click here to request full clearance list or contact your sales rep

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