Thursday, July 28, 2011

Focus on VMS: Exacq

Having access to a wide variety of equipment is always nice, of course. But when it comes to selecting an appropriate VMS, having several systems to choose from isn’t just nice, it’s critical.

We have being distributing Exacq for several years now. Over these years, it grew from somewhat "niche” product, used by a few our dealers when they had to, to a mainstream NVR which is the first choice for a significant part of our integrators’ base.

We have conducted an informal survey of our dealers who prefer Exacq, and following are the most commonly cited reasons for their choice:

  • OS flexibility: you can run Exacq servers on Windows, MAC OS and Linux
W7 Linux MAC OS
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Robust performance on mobile devices and via web-browsers
  • Ability to use a single device Exacq license to operate some multi-stream cameras (such as Arecont AV8185DN) and video servers.

Exacq is available as software only, pre-installed on SecuNext video servers and pre-installed on Exacq video servers and appliances. Using Exacq-built equipment also makes it possible to operate the VMS as an analog/IP hybrid

Please click here to request full Exacq price-list or contact your sales rep

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