Friday, July 8, 2011

Arecont Vision – New Models, Dramatic Price-drop

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Arecont Vision has released new Compact series. New cameras are offered in entire megapixel specter, from 1.3MP to 10MP.

Price DropFollowing are the most important differences with previously available offerings:

  • 26-28% price reduction (at MSRP level) for 3MP, 5MP and 10MP box camerasAVxx15
  • Higher frame rate: 1.3MP and 1080P are designed to produce 42FPS and 32FPS respectively
  • Auxiliary power option is now available for compact line, in addition to POE
  • Since compact cameras are now available for the first time in 3MP, 5MP and 10MP, the entire line of Arecont Cameras will soon be available in 4” surface and in-ceiling versionsArecont_Domes

Please click here to request new Arecont Vision price-list, or contact your sales rep.

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