Thursday, July 28, 2011

Focus on VMS: Exacq

Having access to a wide variety of equipment is always nice, of course. But when it comes to selecting an appropriate VMS, having several systems to choose from isn’t just nice, it’s critical.

We have being distributing Exacq for several years now. Over these years, it grew from somewhat "niche” product, used by a few our dealers when they had to, to a mainstream NVR which is the first choice for a significant part of our integrators’ base.

We have conducted an informal survey of our dealers who prefer Exacq, and following are the most commonly cited reasons for their choice:

  • OS flexibility: you can run Exacq servers on Windows, MAC OS and Linux
W7 Linux MAC OS
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Robust performance on mobile devices and via web-browsers
  • Ability to use a single device Exacq license to operate some multi-stream cameras (such as Arecont AV8185DN) and video servers.

Exacq is available as software only, pre-installed on SecuNext video servers and pre-installed on Exacq video servers and appliances. Using Exacq-built equipment also makes it possible to operate the VMS as an analog/IP hybrid

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

SecuNext Servers by CCTV.Net


In a modern CCTV project, security dealers are faced with many choices. It’s not limited to cameras where one needs to select appropriate resolution, features, style, etc. It doesn’t end at selecting a suitable VMS platform. In addition to all of that, the decision must be make what computer hardware would be used.

IP CCTV provides greater flexibility than ever when it comes to selecting a server. Some dealer prefer to order servers built by big PC manufacturers such as Dell or HP; others feel the most comfortable when servers and VMS carry the same brand, like Exacq or NUUO; yet another group is proud of servers they build in-house. We fully assist our dealers with their projects, no mater what approach they prefer.

The majority of our dealers choose SecuNext servers build by CCTV.Net over all the options above.

Following are specifications for a typical 4U server: Advance Intel® Core™ i7 Processor i7-860 4G DDR3 Kingstone memory. ATI PCI EXPRESS 512MB Video card. Gigabit LAN. RACK-MOUNT CHASSIS, Antec Trio 650W PS, DVDRW, 2 x NIC,Win7 Pro 64 bit

We also build RAID-based redundant servers. Typical servers features: 2 X Intel Xeon processor Quad Core XEON CPU, INTEL Board for Dual CPU- 2 x Gb Ethernet - 4 G ECC fully buffered RAM - Hot Swap HD's - Redundant Power Supply - Raid configuration on data drives - OS WIN7 PRO 64BIT - OS Runs on its own HD. RAID Edition Hard drives only.

All SecuNext servers carry 3 year warranty on hardware and labor.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

KT&C: HDcctv and Beyond

KT&C, a Korea-based CCTV company, enjoys a very special relationships with – back in yearly 00’s that was the first full-line manufacturer we signed to distribute.

Later, as we were more and more concentrating on emerging megapixel solutions, our sales of mostly analog KT&C products were not where both of the companies wanted. Our personal relationship with KT&C sales team, however, remained great and this allowed us to participate in current re-emergence of KT&C as one leaders of the industry, this time largely based on HDcctv – promising technology allowing transmission of megapixel images over traditional coaxial cable.

Following are several of the most competitive offerings:


1/3" Exmor Progressive CMOS

HD-SDI 1.3 MP 720p

High Definition over Coax


C/CS Mount / DC12V


1/3" Exmor Progressive CMOS

HD-SDI 1.3 MP 720p w/ 3-9mm VF

High Definition over Coax


Dual power



1/3" Exmor Progressive CMOS

HD-SDI 1.3 MP 720p w/ 3-9mm VF

High Definition over Coax


IP66 / Dual power


1/3" Exmor Progressive CMOS

HD-SDI 1.3 MP 720p w/ 3-9mm VF

High Definition over Coax


IP67/ Dual power


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Monday, July 11, 2011

AVer Products

Over last year or so, we have been watching AVer, more commonly known as AVerMedia, becoming a rising star among DVR/NVR solutions.

Today we wanted to point your attention to the most popular AVer’s units: 4 and 8 channel Linux compact hybrid DVR/NVRs. Offering an easy way to combine analog and IP cameras, along with robust GUI and local display EH1004H and EH1008H are priced to sell

Also available from AVer:

  • 8 and 16 channel Linux Hybrids
  • Multiple Windows-based DVR hybrid servers
  • Pure IP NVRs
  • Hybrid Capture Cards
  • Mobile DVRs
  • Central Video Management Software

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Vivotek Updates

Vivotek, one the most dynamic IP CCTV manufacturers on the market, has recently released several new and very exciting models.

Among the additions are 3 newest members of Vivotek’s Supreme series:

  • FD8362 and FD8362E are 2 megapixel H.264 cameras with a very solid feature set including 30FPS @ 1080p Full HD, H.264, WDR, IP66/IK10, POE, removable IR cut-filter for day/night, SD storage and more. 3~9mm verifocal lens is controlled by new Smart Focus System (SFS) allowing for precise remote adjustments. In addition to all of the features of the base model, the –E version can be operated in the extreme temperature environments of  - 40°F to 131°F
  •  IP8262 is IR bullet camera. Similarly it features 30FPS @ 1080p Full HD, H.264, WDR, IP67, POE, removable IR cut-filter for day/night, and SD storage, but it is also equipped with IRs covering about 50'; SFS, however, is not available on the bullet.
  • We are now taking pre-orders for SD8362E, and the waiting list is growing fast. This is truly exceptional IP PTZ camera, equipped with 20x zoom lens, 360° Continuous Pan and 190° Tilt, 30FPS at 1080p HDTV, POE and all other features available in all other Supreme cameras, such as H.264, WDR, IP66, removable IR cut-filter for day/night and SD storage. Additionally, it offers 3D Privacy Masks for Private Area Protection, Audio Detection for Instant Alert, and the ability to operate in extreme weather conditions of - 40°F to 131°F

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Arecont Vision – New Models, Dramatic Price-drop

Logo 10 percen

Arecont Vision has released new Compact series. New cameras are offered in entire megapixel specter, from 1.3MP to 10MP.

Price DropFollowing are the most important differences with previously available offerings:

  • 26-28% price reduction (at MSRP level) for 3MP, 5MP and 10MP box camerasAVxx15
  • Higher frame rate: 1.3MP and 1080P are designed to produce 42FPS and 32FPS respectively
  • Auxiliary power option is now available for compact line, in addition to POE
  • Since compact cameras are now available for the first time in 3MP, 5MP and 10MP, the entire line of Arecont Cameras will soon be available in 4” surface and in-ceiling versionsArecont_Domes

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