Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Five New Product Lines Added

We are pleased to announce the addition of 5 new manufacturers to our line-card. Following is brief description of each line:

 Basler Vision Technologies is German based manufacturer of megapixel IP Cameras.

The Basler IP Camera product line offers flexible, high performance
solutions for a wide range of applications in the area of video
surveillance. Basler cameras meet the market’s requirements for
exceptional image quality and an excellent price/performance ratio.
Basler IP Cameras use the best and fastest CCD and CMOS
sensors. The outstanding performance of these cameras is a
direct result of Basler’s 20 years of experience in industrial image

Please click here to read the overview of Basler IP cameras or here to request full Basler price-list.

GeoVision is Taiwanese-based manufacturer offering a wide variety of physical security products

GeoVision’s offerings range from DVR video capture cards, NVR software and ready-to-use DVR/NVR servers to a wide selection of IP cameras (including megapixel ones), license plate recognition systems, access control and more.

Please click here to read more about GeoVision or here to request full GeoVision price-list

Theia-Technologies-logo Theia Technologies, based in Wilsonville, OR, offers several families of high quality megapixel resolution lenses. All these lenses use Theia's patented Linear Optical Technology® to give an ultra wide field of view without barrel distortion. All lenses are multimegapixel resolution and for cameras up to 1/2":

  • 125 Series. 1.28mm ultra wide, widest no distortion lens. Up to 135° FOV CS-mount and C-mount Manual and auto-iris
  • 110 Series. 1.67mm ultra wide, up to 120° HFOV Day/Night corrected CS-mount and C-mount Manual and auto-iris
  • 183 Series. Varifocal 1.8-3mm TrueZoom™ up to 115° HFOV Day/Night corrected CS-mount manual and auto-iris
Please click here to read more about Theia or here to request full Theia price-list

 Orion Images Corporation (OIC), based in South Korea, is a true manufacturer of LCD CCTV monitors. The Orion monitors are true Commercial Grade with FCC Class A Certification - Built to Run 24 x 7 x 365 continuously. Our monitors are designed, engineered and manufactured with CCTV PCB boards and circuitry making these the LCD solution for your security surveillance

Please click here to read more about Orion or here to request full Orion price-list

JVSG is Canadian CCTV design software developer. With JVSG’s flagship product, IP Video System Design Tool you can:

  • Increase efficiency of your security system while lowering costs finding the best camera locations
  • Calculate precise camera lens focal length and viewing angles in seconds
  • Check the field of view of each camera and find dead zones to increase the security level of your premises using 2D and 3D modeling
  • Get estimations of required network bandwidth to shape the network video systems with any number of IP cameras and video servers
  • Calculate the required HDD storage space for video archive
  • Load site plan / floor plan background images from AutoCAD, Visio or Google Earth
  • Copy your calculations, drawings and 3D mockups to MS Word, Excel, Visio or other software to create an excellent project documentation

Please click here to read the overview of JVSG or here to request full JVSG price-list.

To request price-list for all 5 product lines mentioned in this post, please click here.

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