Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LuxRiot and Vladimir Putin


LuxRiot DVR  was featured on Channel 1 Russia report on Russian Prime-Minister Vladimir V. Putin visit to the Republic of Komi at Russia’s North

Look for LuxRiot Screenshot at 60 second
Russian to English translation

The Prime Minister arrived on a working visit to the Republic of Komi, where he visited the factory that produces wooden houses, and one of Russia's largest plants for production of paper.
Gore in height, perhaps, with five story building. This chip, the material from which for further processing produce pulp, and then, and paper. Syktyvkar - one of the major capitals of the paper business. In this enterprise, for example, employs nearly 9,000 people - a small town. And before the city, as well as in front of the timber industry complex of the country, are the same problems - especially the modernization of production and technological breakthrough.
Shop, where the processed timber. The new Finnish equipment. Quiet him, of course, will not name, but experts are happy. Automation - this unit is called a chipper - neatly separates the bark from logs. Cora, by the way, does not disappear, it is used for local thermal power station, so that power losses are minimized. The enterprise producing office, newsprint, cardboard, says Vladimir Putin. Chairman of Government interests and social side of things.
Syktyvkar complex is now owned by major Austrian companies. Director Vladimir Putin, his conversation with the worker himself translated into German. In the company for the past two years is the gradual replacement of equipment, tell the Prime Minister, the investors have already invested over 540 million euros. The interest is understandable - wood from the northern regions has unique qualities. Because the trees grow long, the paper is a more dense.
Combine wooden house. It works for about a year. Homes like collecting designer. Works appeared in the national project "Affordable Housing". The dignity of such houses is that thought the smallest details. Say in the walls of small voids - they are in case of fire, delaying the spread of fire. Such structures are needed in the first place here, in the Komi Republic, where dilapidated housing - one of the most pressing social problems. And the prospects of development of forest sector to the federal level - the main theme of the meeting held in Syktyvkar.
For the development of forest industry needs investment. The task of the state - to create a favorable investment climate, today's laws. But the investors are waiting for a responsible approach.
In recent years, Russia had implemented 12 major projects in the field of forestry. In 2010, due to be completed even 9. So in many regions will appear and new jobs.


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