Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ASIS 2010–ACTi 4 Megapixel Cameras

1. 4MP H.264 zoom camera with 18x optical zoom(KCM-5211)

2. 4MP@8fps / 1080p@15fps / 720p@30fps

3. Auto Focus* / Auto White Balance / Auto Exposure

4. Advanced noise reduction and edge enhancement

5. Day and night function support w/ mechanical IR cut filter

6. Video crop with concurrent streaming (up to 4 VGA streaming)

*Accurate and fast auto focus designed by ACTi in-house

Read more on ACTi Website

ACTi is at booth 3565 at ASIS 2010



  1. Two video clips:

    KCM-5111 Outdoor Speed Driving Test with 1080p

    KCM-5211 18x Zoom with 1080p at Night

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