Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vigitron: Converting Analog Cameras to IP Just Became Easier and More Cost Effective

Converting Analog Cameras to IP Just Became Easier and More Cost Effective

The Vi3202 is powered by 12VDC or 24VAC and provides PoE power up to 60W. For most of the existing analog installations, PTZ transmit over coax at distances greater than 328 ft. (100m). The Vi3202 also features a built-in coax extender. The combined ability to be powered by 24VAC and provide extended coax transmission allows the IP PTZ to drop in place without the extra cost for power or cabling. Because the camera is powered locally, transmission over coax can be up to distances of 5,000 feet, making it the perfect solution for parking lots and perimeter applications.
We estimate there are over 100,000 potential conversions analog PTZ domes to IP. Providing up to 60 watts of PoE, the Vi3202 can be used with PTZ domes that are completely powered by PoE. With the +24VAC source, the Vi3202 can be used with PTZ domes powered by both PTZ and +24VAC.
The Vi3202 provides an easy and cost effective method for achieving these conversions without needing to replace local power supplies and cables. The Vi3202 compact size easily fixes into camera mounts to further reduce costs by providing a weatherproof solution without the need for an additional costly enclosure.
The Vi3004LV is a 4-port Layer 2 network switch media convertor that provides 2 ports of fiber and 2 ports of copper. The system can either be powered by 12VDC or 24VAC. It provides a PoE output up to 60W for a single port or two 30 watt copper ports.
Vigitron also provides a free and without obligation design center services to provide complete network infrastructure bill of materials for systems using Axis cameras. A reliable network solution can help to avoid any potential of customers mistakenly placing blame on the cameras. Customers can request design center support at

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Manufacturer with Great Potential: Aptonomy at ISC West 2016

This is something that caught our attention - a start-up developing purpose-built CCTV drone.

Here is the more information from the company:

Drone surveillance system for alarm verification and deterrence

A hands-free, all-weather, self-charging camera drone is installed on your outdoor property alongside fixed cameras and perimeter sensors. If an alarm is triggered, the drone dispatches to deliver immediate video verification of the situation. The drone is
also equipped with floodlights and speakers to deter detected intruders. The drone is smart and fully autonomous; it is able to fly directly to the target and avoid obstacles without user intervention. Use a team of drones for maximum impact.

We did have a chance to watch a demo flight, and it did look impressive. We suggest that our integrators check them out at ISC West. If you would like to get a private demo, please contact me at and I will connect you to Aptonomy